The Akashic Records: Unlimited Universal Knowledge from #universeinsideyou

Flame of Burning Desire-VLS

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It is wonderful to hear this information. Sometimes we aren’t sure how to describe things we know about. This is an excellent explanation. Thank you Universe Inside You

Give thanks and praises.
Love you all.
Violet Creations


Meet Tikaani
Tikaani is an amazing spiritual being. He changed my life, healed my heart and taught me about true love. You are gone way too soon, sweetheart. R.I.P. Tikaani May 22, 2018. You are always in my heart and mind. I miss your body beside me going through life together, though, I’m not going to lie! We had a fabulous time together, said everyone in Athens who knew and loved you. You were like sunshine bursting through a big ole rain storm. Your light and kindness made me a better person.


John Fitzgerald Kennedy
It’s been 55 years today, John. Here’s a big fat joint to you. We miss you and grieve all that you could have done with this country. R.I.P. Many of your treasonous murderers and their cohorts are still slogging around the planet manifesting evil.     Remember brothers and sisters, it is never too late.       Click to Read John Koerner’s fascinating books on JFK, JFKJR and Malcom X 


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