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We’ve all been snookered and are suffering from psychopaths.
Bill and Hillary are not the only ones, but they are at the top of the list for U.S.
Truth is hard to deny.
Criminals are U.S.
WE THE PEOPLE deserve truth, honesty and
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The Clinton Crime Family – The Vince Foster Cover Up

Published on May 19, 2016

Vincent Walker “Vince” Foster, Jr. (January 15, 1945 – July 20, 1993) was a Deputy White House Counsel during the first few months of President Bill Clinton’s administration. Before that he was a partner at Rose Law Firm in Little Rock, Arkansas, and a colleague and friend of Hillary Rodham Clinton. At the White House he was unhappy with work in politics and spiraled into depression. According to multiple official findings, he committed suicide. However, his suicide remains disputed by several conspiracy theories. White House Counsel After Clinton’s 1992 election, Foster joined his White House staff as Deputy White House Counsel in early 1993 after initially being reluctant to do so. There he was joined with two other Rose Law Firm partners: William H. Kennedy, III, who served as his associate counsel, and Webster Hubbell, who became Associate Attorney General. The Foster residence was on Cambridge Place in Georgetown in Washington, D.C. Foster had difficulty making the transition to life and politics in Washington. He found his involvement in vetting new presidential appointments during the transition period to be causing him depression and anxiety, and he blamed himself for the failed Zoë Baird nomination. The failed Kimba Wood and Lani Guinier appointments were also within his purview. His wife and youngest son were not with him, having stayed behind in Arkansas so the son could complete his junior year of high school at Catholic High in Little Rock.
Foster handled the Clinton’s Madison Guaranty and Industrial Development Corporation paperwork, and several Whitewater-related tax returns as Deputy White House counsel. In early May 1993, Foster gave the commencement address at his University of Arkansas Law School alma mater, and said: The reputation you develop for intellectual and ethical integrity will be your greatest asset or your worst enemy. You will be judged by your judgment.
There is no victory, no advantage, no fee, no favor, which is worth even a blemish on your reputation for intellect and integrity. Dents to [your] reputation are irreparable.” Days after the speech, the White House travel office controversy erupted. Foster was the target of several hostile Wall Street Journal editorials in June and July 1993, with titles such as “Who is Vincent Foster?” He became quite upset over the travel office matter and the possibility of a congressional hearing at which he might have been called to testify. Disliking the public spotlight and suffering from weight loss and insomnia, he considered resigning his position but feared a personal humiliation upon returning to Arkansas.
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Published on Oct 20, 2016

Investigations into alleged criminal activities of Arkansas former Governor President Bill Clinton. Many people involved in the research and investigations reported by this film have been murdered or died under questionable circumstances. A documentary that puts together the whole story! The names and faces of the key players who Clinton used to build his Circle of Power … as well as those who got in his way and lost their jobs, reputations, virtue and lives! From Whitewater to ADFA (Clinton political Machine) From millions in drug smuggling in Mena, Arkansas. To Money laundering with the BCCI From Gennifer Flowers to Paula Jones. From Vince Foster’s “Suicide” to the gangland slaying of private investigator Jerry Parks. The documentary uncovers the shocking truth the controlled media and Clinton’s don’t want you to know!

Published on Feb 14, 2016

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