Clue Two
These are maps to treasure.
Trust your mind
to decode the information.

Your brain understands concepts.
Absorb and assimilate
the healing energy frequency vibration
that emanates from these mysterious symbols

Information that comes through to you
pieces together your personal puzzle.

Attain higher states of consciousness,
Open your mind, desire healing with all your heart.
Practice "the presence" with all the passion in you.

This is not religion,
this is spiritual enlightenment.
Cognizance and utilization of the unseen world
awakens higher consciousness;
activates your greatest potential.

Are you holding yourself back?
Motivation must originate
from your heart of knowing.
Awaken sacred destiny.

Stay true to your inner nature;
a free spirit in heart and soul.
This is the essence of a healthy mind and body
that must carry you through
every obstacle that life has to offer.

We are all special.
We all have the ability to heal our minds
with infinite love vibration
emanating from universal galactic code.

Our mission is radical transformation
from war and security unconsciousness
to peace and prosperity consciousness.

Angels are our invisible allies in this
spiritual revolution to upgrade our evolution
with love, protection and guidance
to pierce the veil of tribulation
that covers the earth.

Truth obliterates deception
into meaninglessness
which causes panic and chaos
among those who oppress us.
Even so, we shall accomplish
peace and prosperity
with the grace of God's
Healing Energy Frequency Vibration
that flows through our minds.
Do you feel it?




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