I copied this prayer into the unicorn journal in November, 1984, three weeks before my honeymoon trip to Mexico. Having just finished reading Joey Crinita's book on mediums, his prayer proved useful in my meditations and preparation to write. the Old One wrote down the Universal Galactic Code at Tulum and Chichen Itza, Mayan Ruins; Yucatan, Mexico; December, 1984. In his first attempts to synchronize our energy waves, he used the pen to get used to my arm and hand as his own, like in Cozumel. He gravitated to the unicorn art and spent several minutes perusing the journal picking and choosing where to write. My assistance was needed only as a conduit to write his message; commit it to paper. I considered the journal his to do with as he pleased.

Thank you, Michael, for your amazing art, and Joey Crinita for your beautiful prayer and helpful writing. You both inspired the Old One and me.

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