is my favorite number,
how about you?

420 a.m. and 420 p.m. were both equally appreciated by Jack, plus all the hours in between. He was a hoot to smoke with, he would of course get psyched and teach us information that most of us never knew before. He always had great pot that none of us could afford. People would give it to him because they were so fucking happy to know the information. It was very exciting and fun to hang out with him. Even if you had to worry in the back of your mind, and make a plan in case we all got busted at any given moment, wherever we were, whomever we were with, every new truth uttered was breathtakingly satisfying. the emperor was an excellent teacher through conversation. He was funny beyond belief, had a huge vocabulary and a photographic memory and was quite possibly a genius at calling out our government for one of the greatest tragedies ever perpetrated against all of U.S. and the World, without end. We didn't know it would take so long to change the unjust laws.

There was no time to fuck around, once Jack learned the truth he had a one track mind. He explained how he researched the information at the Library of Congress for his new book, the Emperor Wears No Clothes, his groundbreaking soon-to-be best seller world-wide. Everything that came out of his mouth was like honey to all of us bees, who gathered the information we all endeavored to know ever since we took our very first toke, ever since the cognitive dissonance created what felt like self inflicted wounds to our brain, without relief. We knew they were lying and Jack figured out the who, what, when, where, and how! Once you know the information you have proof and documentation to wake up the masses about U.S. crimes against U.S. Every judge or anyone in the Justice System who is forced to lie to carry on a War Against U.S. is committing Crimes of Humanity against U.S.

Hemp Stem Fiber

We had to start from scratch, learning everything Jack felt like teaching us. We got inspired to research on our own, to read Jack's book and learn the information like the back of our hands. Not knowing was better than quoting information wrong. It was of the utmost importance to Jack that WE THE PEOPLE know the truth about hemp and marijuana,
not believe the lies that indoctrinated U.S. against it. WE THE PEOPLE were woefully ignorant of the truth and the validity of our claims that there was no reason to persecute U.S. over a plant that can heal U.S.

We endured physical attacks and the most amazing anger, ignorance and bias against a beautiful, useful plant grown by mother nature to insure our health, wealth and prosperity. Learn about Jack Herer, Emperor of Hemp. He found the proof and with his co-Hort, Maria Farrow, an exceptional activist and super endearing lady who took up the gauntlet with him began a movement for what we knew all along, in our minds, that hemp and marijuana are not evil and dangerous, in fact they are possibly, according to Jack, the most most efficacious plants known to man.

The rest of this story is U.S. history toward revealing forgotten, never known truth to gain our freedom to utilize, get healthy and prosper from one of the greatest healing plants mother nature has to offer humanity and the planet.

Public Domain luscious thc crystals
Here's to you Jack.

Jack's Acknowledgement
Spiritual Revolution

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Jack Herer website
The following documentary chronicles the life of Jack Herer and his struggle for awareness and enlightenment of cannabis sativa, a.k.a. marijuana and hemp. His research into this plant inspired him to write The Emperor Wears No Clothes: The Official Hemp Bible. He dedicated his life to educating people about the history and utilization of hemp, the conspiracy against it, and ending marijuana prohibition.

Published on Dec 3, 2012
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Emperor of Hemp
The Jack Herer Story Part 1 of 4
Emperor of Hemp
The Jack Herer Story Part 2 of 4
Emperor of Hemp
The Jack Herer Story Part 3 of 4
Emperor of Hemp
The Jack Herer Story Part 4 of 4

Dear President Trump,

I would like to discuss a peaceful resolution
to the Drug War Against U.S.

It is time to Heal U.S.
Turns out our greatest threat is
Enemies Among U.S.,
Representatives of U.S.
who tell U.S.
they take away our freedom
to Protect U.S.

We need you, Mr. President
to Save U.S.
not carry on a War against U.S.

Let me tell you my plan.
Pick Tikaani and me up in Air force One.
You could land at Ohio University airport!
Bring Melania and Barron.

contact me!
Contact Me!

Hemp and Marijuana for all!


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