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Vicki Leo Senn © 1990
edited 2017

You are beauty to behold;
your hair is sticky, sweetly odorous,
aromatic therapy for the spirit.
You are tall, dark green and sparkly;
formulated from the energy that created the universe.
Sunshine, soil and water grow your benefits to our planet.
You rejuvenate the soil and hold it down.
The birds and wildlife eat you,
their feathers and fur are shiny,
their skin healthy and smooth from your oil and seeds.

Pot Seeds

Your arms stretched out wide, you are a vision to behold.


Think of all the ways we could heal the planet.


Your beneficence is Godly,
a gift from Mother Nature;
the target of The Beast.

God condemns the evil forces that
prohibit your freedom to heal.

420 Hemp Emporium

420 Hemp Emporium

As society inhales your secret medicine,
the relaxation begins;
almost immediately, you release stress.
Breathing is more rhythmic and deep,
a smile begins with a feeling of lightness,
followed by great amusement.

Let go of worries and your need to control.
Notice your accomplishments.
Allow your spirit to blossom.
Become whole.

420 Hemp Emporium page 2

Illusion is revealed and resolved.
A presence springs forth;
wisdom unveils itself.
The ordinary three dimensional world
opens to an awareness of spirit
and our connection with the universe.

Our minds are nourished with nature’s remedy.
Enlightenment, movement, laughter and regeneration
spring from the source of all life.
Notice is taken.
Visions are seen.
Truth is discovered.

Nature, Wisdom, Health, Spiritual Power,
Wholeness, Beauty, Love and Forgiveness
are manifested and enhanced.
The oneness of humanity is evident.
Peace is felt within our hearts
as it opens widely, enthralling,
singing the praises of divinity, justice
and oneness of spirit
with all beings
in our universe and beyond.

Oh, beautiful marijuana plants,
the peaceful negotiator lies within you.
You were sent from God
as our bounty of plenty.
Not "casting your pearls to swine,"
you are so loved around the world.

For those who have the eyes to see
and the honesty to admit the truth;
motivate action, manifest peace.

In every culture you inspire friendship
in the sharing of the green herb.
The sacred secrets you whisper
are appreciation of life, creation,
truth, justice, equality,

and freedom to heal thyself.
May every being be free
to choose
God's holy creation.

Schomburg Center for Research in Black Culture,
Jean Blackwell Hutson Research and Reference Division,
The New York Public Library. "Fayette County Hemp Field."
The New York Public Library Digital Collections. 1940.

  Jack Herer's Story

You cannot call U.S. a democracy if we have no freedom of choice.

Henry Ford's 'plastic hemp car' from 1941
Published on Dec 7, 2012
Henry Ford's 'plastic hemp car' from 1941 We might think that our ethanol and biodiesel "flex-fuel" systems are all very cutting edge, but biofuel development is of course nothing new. Way back in the 1930's, Henry Ford was hard at work in the alt-fuels sector, and in 1941 he constructed a hemp-fueled and hemp-bodied prototype car. The "plastic" body panels were composed of 70% cellulose fibers, including industrial hemp, mixed with a resin binder, and apparently they were pretty sturdy: check out this video, in which a guy beats on the trunk with an ax and fails to leave a mark. Industrial hemp won't make you high, kids, but its association with marijuana has historically been a major legal stumbling block. VIEW VIDEO OF FORDS HEMP CAR HAVING A HAMMER TAKEN TO IT !! The reason marijuana was prohibited in the 20th century was to suppress hemp fuel and fiber production, which is inexpensive to make and naturally decentralized, so that small groups of people could profit from the capital intensive petrochemical alternatives that dominate our political process and economy today. Hemp will decentralize our economic system and return wealth and control to the majority. Hemp & marijuana both come from the same plant, cannabis sativa, which is the Latin, botanical name. Hemp is the fiber from the stalks and stems and the sterile seeds, while marijuana is the leaves, flowers and viable seeds. Some people believe that hemp with a low THC content is one species, and that it becomes a different plant, marijuana, when the THC level in the cannabis plant goes above 0.3 percent, but it is really the same plant. It is really about fuel, fiber and the synthetic subversion of the natural cycle. Drugs are only a smokescreen. Marijuana prohibition has always been about money, power, and control.

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Female Hemp by Elizabeth Blackwell-1739
Female Hemp by Elizabeth Blackwell-1739

Legalization does not go far enough to address the injustice to U.S.
Prohibitionists still retain control and regulation
of the marijuana and hemp industry.
Marijuana must be freed in all ways.
Mother Nature is not something that needs regulated.

We are not criminals,
we are moral, ethical and humane outlaws
against U.S. failed Drug Policy.

Politics, lies, deception and greed
wage the War against U.S.

Our war mongering government must be reigned in
like an errant child or a diabolical psychopathic tyrant.

Destruction of our constitution,
loss of rights of U.S. citizens,
loss of privacy,
loss of jobs,
loss of health;
the destruction of families,
is the proof of failed policy
that is destroying U.S.

The Truth Matters
Mr. President!

Emperor of Hemp

Emperor of Hemp at jackhererdotcom

Electric Emperor on line

the Emperor
Here is Jack's Dedication to us in this edition of The Emperor Wears No Clothes:
Click Here for other editions.
"To my dear friends, Ron and Vicki (Senn) Linker, of Starseed Collections (Creations) of Athens, Ohio, who eloquently taught state senators and representatives and the people of Athens how ignorant (not knowing) they were about hemp and marijuana. Ron and Vicki are the truest of freedom fighters, who with Paul, Kevin and Cliff and the Ohio University Ecology Club have educated the citizens of Athens, as no other city in America. On November 19, 1989, Ron began a two year federal prison term for importing traditional Hindu smoking pipes, as he had for the past 15 years with the approval of Customs. The federal judge at sentencing said, after refusing any hemp information to be admitted at trial, “I only wish I could sentence you longer for all the lives you have destroyed with these [traditional Hindu] pipes.” Ron and Vicki know the hemp information and the injustice of his punishment."
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On the subject of prohibition (or anything else for that matter) who do you believe?
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What about 9-11?
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Justice for 9-11
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